Making an old house our home

Buying a house in todays housing market was a long process for us, I guess a house is the biggest purchase we’ll ever make. It was a difficult decision but in the end there was a whole lot of compromise – we decided on location over buying a ready to move in shiny house….

The compromise was to buy a 1930’s semi detached 2 bedroom house in need of renovation. When I say renovation, we basically had to gut the whole house, rewire and re-plaster. The kitchen needed to be replaced and the house (still) has a separate shower room and toilet that we want to knock into one and add a bath.

We bought in an area that is quite sought after and we found that it was quite competitive to buy, a few of the houses we looked at had been bought quickly by buyers who had already sold a property and moved into rented to be in a better buying position. To be able to complete in this market we ended up keeping the flat we had a mortgage on and taking a second mortgage for the house (if we hadn’t been able to sell the flat we would have had to rent it out). The downside of this was that the second mortgage for the house was smaller than what we could borrow in total but it has worked out well as we have a lovely little house with a south facing garden in a nice leafy street, we also had a few months of living in the old flat whilst we started to renovate the house. See, it all happens for a reason.





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