Sanding the old floorboards

So, this one was one of my decisions…. once the carpets had been taken out we discovered original old pine floorboards. To be fair I had no idea that they would sand up so well as they looked really battered and scruffy. This job was a one for a professional company. It took them a full day to gradually sand up the floorboards and seal them with a clear sealant. What I didn’t think of was how cold it would be in the winter with floorboards. I wish someone had told me that they should be insulated first!!!! The floorboards have been filled between the gaps but it is very cold. I also noticed that once the floorboards were sanded and finished that there is a gap around the skirting boards about 2mm wide in some places.

To try and give a little insulation I read up on the best way to seal this gap around the skirting, the options were 1. silicone (either white or wood colour), 2. foam draft excluder strips that you usually use on windows.

As I had just paid for the floors to be sanded and sealed I didn’t want to start squirting silicone around and spoiling the finish so I went for the seconds option and stuck self adhesive draft excluder into the gap around the skirting, like the one on the link below.
Neoprene sponge rubber self adhesive strip 25mm wide x 3mm thick x 5m long – weather, noise seal

It was a fiddly job and I had to find a plastic scraper to push the foam into the gaps but it has made a difference to the draft. I think that in winter I’ll be getting extra rugs out though! I won’t admit that my lovely looking sanded floorboards are the reason why the room is so cold…..



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