Corner breakfast nook….. part assembled to fit into my small kitchen

All of my kitchen plans have revolved around the idea of having a corner breakfast nook, however the kitchen planner quickly burst my bubble after showing me pictures of what in-built benches would look like; more importantly how much space they would take up. I  then embarked upon a Pinterest-a-thon for new ideas on how to get a kitchen corner benches to fit a small kitchen. I really wanted a corner bench and looked into having one built to fit the space (too expensive). I figured that the only way to get a corner seat to fit was going to be to get creative with my flat packed furniture skills!!!!

The corner bench I bought should have looked like this one below with 3 parts to the seat:

Corner seat solid, natural pine wood Junco 243

To make the bench fit into the small kitchen space I assembled the bench without the last section. It did mean that the end piece had additional holes for where the rest of the bench should have been attached but I just filled the holes with plastic caps but it fits perfectly. I’m not sure how sturdy the seat will prove to be after having been only part assembled, but it seems ok so far.

Part assembled corner nook to fit in the small kitchen
Part assembled corner breakfast nook to fit in the small kitchen

I’ve been on the hunt for fabric and foam to make bench seat cushions, so that’s the next job on my list.
The kitchen has come a long way, we decided to move the back door and replaced it with Georgian style French doors that lead out onto the garden (that is currently full of weeds, but one thing at a time) and to make the kitchen as bright as possible we have a light tile effect laminate flooring with cream traditional cupboards and a rustic wooden benches. I love my new kitchen but it still needs some extra additions to make it nice and cosy… maybe some shelving and something on the wall?!

The kichen before
Kitchen before
Part assembled breakfast corner nook
Kitchen after with Georgian French doors and breakfast nook


Part assembled kitchen nook to fit my small kitchen
Part assembled kitchen nook bench to fit my small kitchen and upcycled Welsh Dresser

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