Built in window seat for the box bay window

Having a huge window is lovely for the light and airy feel it gives the living room, but using the space of a square box bay window is just awkward! Dressing a huge bay window has also proved to be awkward. The upvc windows go right up to the ceiling and the window sill is quite deep so curtains have to sit on the sill. I’m a big fan of floor length curtains but they wouldn’t hang right from a track on the bay. I did get a quote for shutters for my bay window but for £1500 I’m going to save myself a fortune and moan constantly about how I dislike the curtain arrangement.

I’ve lived in a couple of houses with bay windows and they both had a built in window seat, making extra seating in the room. I also have a fluffy white dog who’s fond of curling up on a cosy window seat ready to bark at any cat who dares to wander by so having a window seat built in seemed like a good idea in my living room.

After mooching on pinterest I decided that having wooden panels on the front of the window seat would be a good idea but when the plasterer was plastering the living room he suggested to have a plastered front with the existing skirting boards to make the window seat look like it had always been there……. genius.

Some pictures below of how the window seat was built in with storage. I bought a piece of upholstery foam (like this CLASSIC BLUE SOFT UPHOLSTERY CUSHION SEATING SOFA CRAFTS PANELS CARFOAM 6FT X 2FT ( 72″ X 24″ ) SHEET 3 INCH THICK) to make a cushion for the top with a straight forward cover. I found that I had to get some wadding (like this Fire Retardent Premium Polyester Wadding – Quilting & Upholstery Padding) to wrap around the foam to stop the cushion looking so square. The window seat has been a great hit with the dog and it’s a lovely spot to relax.

Window seat in a square bay
Window seat in a square bay

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