The easy (lazy) way to make bench cushion covers

So, I had to make some bench cushions for my part assembled DIY project corner bench. I quickly discovered that sitting on a bench without a cushion isn’t really comfy… and also had some comments from guests like ‘shall we go sit somewhere else’… erm no, that bench was put up with such skill and fits precisely so we will sit in the kitchen, thank you very much. So I decided that the seating needed some foam cushions.

I got some 2.5″ thick foam, I discovered that it was cheaper to buy a big piece and cut it myself using a Stanley knife than to buy a ‘cut to measure’ foam. If you’re going to try and cut foam up yourself find a large area to lay it flat (I didn’t do this, I tried cutting it half on the table, half floating in the air so ended up with wobbly cuts, but it’s in the cover so who knows?).

I then picked some fabric, I got quite a thick tapestry fabric with a lot of pattern to it, I kinda wish I had opted for a more floral pattern now, but too late (oops). The  fabric I got has lines of pattern, it was easy to cut in straight lines using the pattern as a guide. I decided to opt for an envelope style cushion, it has an opening the length of the cushion underneath and sewn up on each side. Pretty easy to make.

To measure the amount of fabric I needed I lay the foam on the fabric and simply wrapped it round the foam, to make sure there’s enough fabric to stay closed the fabric needs to overlap where the opening is going to be.

I hemmed each length of the fabric, I could probably have just used a zigzag stitch to stop the material from fraying. I folded the fabric over, overlapping the opening, with the right sides of the fabric on the inside. To make sure the cover was going to fit I lay the foam on top, double checking that there was room at each side for the width of the foam. When I was sure it would fit I stitched closed each side (on the wrong side of the fabric) so I ended up with an inside out cushion cover that just needed turning the right way out.

The foam was inserted through the opening and that’s it, a new foam cushion for my bench. Since it was so easy to make I might get shopping for a more floral pretty fabric and make another cover!

Corner nook cushion cover



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