Decisions, decisions… should the loo be in the bathroom or should the loo just be the loo?

When a room is transformed into a nice, clean, cosy space that you can use and enjoy it’s very easy to forget the frustration of trying to decide what to do with the space in the first place, the how’s and where’s and which way round does every thing get done?! Some of the house decisions have been made by time or money limitations, and some have been made out of sheer frustration of living in a tip; the kitchen for example was all rush decisions after living without a kitchen with an oven in for several months whilst the rest of the house was re-wired, plastered and decorated…. it gets tiring living surrounded by muck and unease.

At the minute, the staircase has no carpet, it has no carpet because the bathroom needs to be renewed, which means making a mess on the landing and getting under floorboards for the plumbing….. The loo and bathroom are currently separate and I wanted to take the wall out between the loo and the bathroom but this might make it an awkward L-shape with a very narrow access to the loo area! The bathroom designer in the shop has suggested I should leave it as it is. I’ve never lived in a house with a separate toilet and bathroom but the small area at the top of the stairs might mean that I’m stuck with it; or I could get a small bathroom suite and try and fit everything into the existing bathroom and turn the existing loo into a cupboard. BUT I want a big cosy bath to relax in. Hmmmmm.

Separate toilet and bathroom
Bathroom (well shower room)




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