Bathroom chaos

We’re part way through having the bathroom fitted… Just at the stage of wondering why in the world did we start it! As usual with my luck with tradesmen, nothing is as straightforward as it seems it should be!

The first ‘oohs and ahhhs’ from the bathroom fitter were a result of discovering that the last set of tiles had been tiled over old tiles. So my walls had a layer of tiles, plasterboard and another layer of tiles on top. After removing both sets of tiles, the walls underneath were old wooden lats…. so new plaster board walls had to be put in.  All at my expense obviously; the joys of having an old house.

I’m having a high wall cistern on the loo but it’s going on a stud wall… so the wall gas had to be reinforced with wood to take the weight of the cistern.

The border tiles I’ve ordered have also taken longer than the rest of the tiles so, we’re at s big of a standstill until they arrive.

Currently the bathroom has no bath, no loo, no sink. I work full time so having no bathroom at all is no fun, luckily my parents live near by and I’ve had to spend a couple of nights with them!

I have my fingers crossed that the next few days are going to bring some improvements.

What I have found out in my bathroom debacle is that shopping about can save you a few quid. I picked a bathroom from the bath store- they had a 10% sale on and the guys in the store were very keen for me to buy the same day to make sure I didn’t miss out! I didn’t buy that day, missed the sale and got a price on a similar suite elsewhere- about £500 cheaper. The following weekend, the bath store had another sale on so I went in with my comparison quote and miraculously they could do the whole suite for about the same price as the competitor quote! So in the end I got the suite I wanted  for the price I wanted to pay.

I’ve also managed to get £100 refunded from my floor tiles, I ordered them from Toppstiles but found them cheaper somewhere else so they price matched- I hadn’t collected them from the store yet and I pretty much said I’d return them and buy them from the other shop before they offered to refund the difference.

Im just hoping that the rest of my tiles turn up!


One thought on “Bathroom chaos

  1. Exciting times! When we did our bathroom we drove 30 miles to my mum’s for a shower. I felt ever so grumpy about getting plaster dust in my hair. 😂 Hope the rest of your project runs smoothly, sounds like you’ve got some good bargains.


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