Upcycled table update…. now painted and fresh

My kitchen table upcycle project was a whole lot more work than I had planned, I had some problems getting rid of an old stench from the table. In my earlier post I was trying all sorts to get rid of the smell Table tales…. The stinky one. After all of the scrubbing and scraping I left the table and chairs alone for a while and the smell seemed to disappear. The table was left next to a window that gets a lot of light so I think that the table just dried out a bit; and the smell has gone.

I’ve chalk painted the base with Rustoleum chalk paint in antique white and reupholstered the chairs with polka dot fabric… I also made new matching cushion covers for my benches. (I now have too many tables and chairs, so 2 chairs are with a French trolley that I painted too) I’m pleased that the table didn’t end up in the bonfire… it was a close call.

I was trying to strip the table top with the sander but it just wasn’t sanding very well. I tried some coarse sandpaper, I even tried some Nitromors paint and varnish remover but the existing finish just wouldn’t budge. I decided that the table top was pretty much winning so my finished table is much more rustic than intended, but at the end of the day it gives it some character and I’m not so worried about bumps and dints to the top as it seems pretty durable to withstand the sanding and scrubbing so far. I did give it a little brush with some bench oil to give it s new seal. I’m secretly pleased at the way it’s turned out!

I haven’t yet waxed the paint… New Years resolution is to finish what I’ve started!!

Painted furniture




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