No sew rag curtain

Well it’s not really a rag, it’s an old cut up curtain repurposed!

Having a 1930’s house means a lot of big windows, including in the bathroom. I wanted to get some privacy from the neighbours without blocking out all of the light. Cafe curtains seem a bit old school but they let in the light from the top of the window whilst screening off the bottom of the window when you need to; unlike blinds that block out all of the light when they’re closed.

No sew cafe curtain
No sew curtain

To hang the cafe curtains I bought a tension rod; I found a white one in a sale for around £3. I didn’t fancy white, so I spray painted the tension rod with a copper craft enamel and let it dry. I also found packs of curtain rings with clips for about £2 for 10- like these ones 10 x BLACK METAL CURTAIN RINGS POLE ROD VOILE NET RINGS WITH CLIPS HANGING 30MM Fusion (TM)

Rather than buy new curtains to hang I had an old pair of cream cotton curtains with no lining and cut them to size with pinking shears to stop the edges from fraying. Because they were already curtains I cut them keeping the hem at the bottom and one side, hanging them with the top cut edge folded over and clipped into the hooks. Pretty simple and effective way of providing privacy in the bathroom whilst still letting in the light.


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