DIY chalk painted chairs

I’ve just been adding some detail to my white chalk painted chairs. The chairs weren’t in very good condition when I started, they took a lot of cleaning and 2 coats of chalk paint with 30 minutes drying time between coats.

The seat pads were broken with metal sticking through, I had to replace them with new wooden inserts, new foam and I’ve reupholstered with some grey and yellow polka dot cotton fabric- the fabric was attached with a staple gun.

The dining chairs are really sturdy so I’m pleased that I’ve managed to upcycle them. They’ve got some nice carved detail to them so I’ve painted this with grey and yellow paint to make it stand out. I’ve distressed the chairs with a sanding block around the edges, I’ve been a bit heavy handed with the sanding but I really like the ‘distressed’ bits to be clear rather than looking like accidental scratches.

I think they look really pretty with the polka dots and white, so now I’m gonna have a sit down and a cup of tea!

DIY chalk painted chairs

DIY chalk painted chairs


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