Bathroom makeover

My bathroom renovations have all been completed now. Yey! I had deliberated over taking the wall out between the bathroom and the loo in an earlier post Decisions, decisions… should the loo be in the bathroom or should the loo just be the loo? But in the end, having a roll top bath won me over.

Rolltop bath and watercan shower with shower curtain

The bathroom and loo are both pretty small (so small that I can’t even manage to get a decent picture). I really struggled to find any bathroom design ideas for such a small bathroom that didn’t look all squashed in but then I found a roll top corner shower bath that answered the questions about how to fit a roll top bath and a shower into the small bathroom. I’ve picked out quite vintage looking tiles to give the room a nice old fashioned feel, and opted for a part shower screen and a shower curtain (I want it all) the tiny loo also now has a high level cistern.

From start to finish the job was stress, stress, stress. I got a bit irritated when people said to me ‘it’ll be worth it in the end’ as I was sleeping in a child’s bunk bed at my parents house due to a lack of a toilet for what seemed like forever. We used workmen that we’d used in the past and they were great, extortionate (I always think I’m paying too much) but really diligent. They fitted our kitchen and we were really impressed with the work, they do everything from start to finish, leaving the place decorated and new. We got other quotes for the bathroom but we couldn’t find anyone else we had the confidence in.

One of the main issues was that the tiles didn’t arrive on time, causing us problems having the tiler booked in…. but it all worked out in the end. I’m still not entirely convinced that leaving the loo separate is the greatest idea, as although we don’t intend on selling the house, if we had to; I wonder if having a loo and bathroom in one would add value? But for now I get the joy of relaxing in a big tub, or have a long shower with a lovely powerful watercan shower and retro shower curtain!

Bathroom makeover
Roll top corner shower bath

Separate bathroom and loo before and after


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