February resolutions

I’m not usually one for making New Years Resolutions because I generally don’t keep them at all. I’ve also had a gloomy January full of a long lingering cold that’s left me a little bit flat! Now that February has arrived and the nights are slowly getting later I’ve got a bit more of a skip in my step and am looking forward to some longer spring days.

I’ve decided on a February resolution to be more money wise and less wasteful. Now, don’t get me wrong I am definitely a recycling, upcycling maker kind of girl but this doesn’t always come at a low cost. I usually buy old furniture to upcycle and whilst this is often cheaper than buying brand new from shops I do it because I like a decent piece of sturdy furniture and for the shabby chic look of a finished piece rather than for the money savings. Then on the other hand I’ll happily throw out perfectly good items without thinking about it, or I’ll be entirely cash wasteful by getting a £10 taxi to a meeting cos I just couldn’t be bothered to walk then take a long £2.50 bus journey (I did this today, prompting my resolution). Im not very consistent in my thriftiness. I think I keep forgetting that last year I resigned from a very well paid job, professional reason is noted as ‘to achieve work/life balance’ after working 60+ hour weeks, actual reason is that I just hated my job. I have to remind myself that my current job for a charity does not give me so much disposable income!!

I might be being a little premature when I say I’ve started to prepare for a thrifty Christmas 2018 but I have saved a baby Christmas tree from the garden bin. I’ve hidden the reindeer pot with some twine and I’m planning on keeping the baby tree alive until next Christmas. This could be a real challenge as every plant I have ever touched has unfortunately died…. but for now this is my little reminder to think of the thrift (ignore the almost dead mint plant in the background; it doesn’t indicate much hope for the baby tree).






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