Hessian Potato sack cafe curtains

I had planned on simply hanging some potato sacks up, with a café tension rod and clips, for my kitchen curtains. It turned out that the potato sacks I’d bought weren’t long enough for this (I didn’t measure first). Anyway, I’ve had a little bit of a cut, sew and play and I’ve repurposed some potato sacks into some cafe curtains.

I decided to make the curtains with hessian to let some light in whilst having a rustic feel. I then thought that some print on the hessian might look nice- which led me to potato sacks. I found some French potato sacks and bought a pack of 3…. thinking I could just hang them up and be done with it. They did look ok but didn’t cover enough of the window so instead I started to unpick the sacks.

Potato sack curtains
Cafe curtains with potato sacks, this try they weren’t long enough.

I unpicked the stitching to open the sacks up, making wider curtains and then cut one in half to sew to the top of the other 2 sacks, giving me the extra length.

The top is simply folded and clipped into place with clip rings. That’s it, potato sack curtains. The edges even have a lovely pattern where the string has been unpicked.

I already had the clips (Flerise store 40-pack Black Matte Metal Curtain Rings with Clips (1″) (1”, Black)) and the tension rod (Speedy 100-150 cm Tension Rod, White), so my new curtains have cost me about a fiver, The French potato sacks I upcycled . I think these sacks would have looked great too:

Potato sack curtainsPotato sack curtainsUnpicking and sewing potato sacks together


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