A sunny wine spot to fully enjoy our (2 day) British summer

Garden wine spotcorner arbourSo I haven’t really been very bloggy in a while. After the bathroom and stairs the house is all homely and there’s only a few cosmetic improvements to be made to my house (indoors). So I had a little chill out and have been enjoying the luxury of breathing in  without the dust! YEY.

Outside however is another story. After living in flats with yards, having a garden was high up on the ‘must have’ list when I was looking for a house. Maintaining said garden has been right at the bottom of the to-do list. It’s funny that as soon as I got a garden, everyone I knew became an expert at gardening and have been dishing out advice for the last year. Advice to which I’ve just replied ‘the garden is next years job’ whilst in my head I’ve been thinking ‘F-off can you see the state of inside, do you think I care what the weeds are doing?’. Anyway the time had come to tackle the garden….

The thought of getting in a gardener is amazing, the thought of paying someone is not. This garden will be transformed with my very own little not-so-green fingers.

I started with some weeding and quickly discovered that flowerbeds  are hard work and grass is definitely the way to go! So, I’ve been gradually flattening out the flower beds and putting down some grass seed. Some of the flowers have been fighting back though and once a flower has given me some colour I’ve not had the heart to grass it over. I’ve had some beautiful poppies pop up adding a wonderful touch of red and pink to the late spring days, but they only seem to last a couple of weeks. I’ve also got some bright red, yellow and orange roses that have won me over.

Orange roses

Roses in the front garden

As the longer summer days started I realised that the sunniest spot of the late afternoon was a back corner of the garden filled with some large bushy shrubs… growing on a bit of a slope. The perfect spot I thought for an early evening wine.

I didn’t have myself down as a landscape gardener and I asked a few people if they thought I’d be able to flatten the ground out and add a bench… no was the prominent answer. That tree will never come out was another. It took me all day with a little spade and some rolling around of the border rocks but I did manage to dig the shrubs out, level up (ish) the ground and even make some steps from some strategicly placed rocks. I’ve chucked a bag of bark on top to try to keep the weeds at bay. I even replanted the big shrub, I think it’s a butterfly tree… it looked dead for a few weeks after moving but it’s now started to grow some purple flowers. It’s been hard work has this gardening lark and I always hiss a little when I hear the neighbours lawn mowers going because I know I have to do it too; or the jungle will take over again! The best bit was with the money I didn’t spend on a gardener I’ve spent on a corner arbour to sit and enjoy the sun… and some wine. On the downside it has rained since I got it so I haven’t been able to paint it but hey, when the sun gets out I’ll be enjoying the sunny rays and a glass of vino verde and I guess I’ll be mowing the lawn and weeding forever!

Planting grass seed
Digging everything out

The wine garden spot


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