Painting the arbour

I thought that painting the garden furniture would be easy! It turns out that outdoor paint is much runnier than chalk paint….

I’ve picked a couple of Cuprinol paints, Silver Birch and Country Cream to paint my corner arbour… but getting it done is taking an age. Trying to catch a dry day is tricky with this years British summer. It’s August and rainy. The paint instructions suggest 2 coats no longer than 8 hours apart, I’ve managed to get most of the arbour painted with just the roof to go. Rain is forecasted this afternoon so I’m not sure if I should risk it!

The painting has been a bit tricky to get into all of the nooks and crannies, and as I’m painting with 2 colours I’ve had to be careful. I started with the cream, thinking that any splashes could be easily covered by the grey… good job as there was lots of drips. I had to use masking tape where the 2 colours meet up- leaving about an hour before taking the tape off. It’s not perfect but much tidier than my cutting in.

I’ve opted for the cream inside so it’s bright when you’re sitting in the arbour and it’s a lovely contrast with the silver birch. I can’t wait to finish the roof but the rain won’t let me! I’ve got a string of solar lights to hang up and I’m on the lookout for wooden bunting to paint in the same colours as the corner arbour. I just hope I can get it finished before the end of summer!

These are the paints used:


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