My garden sanctuary… painting the roof

Not quite a she-shed but definitely my garden sanctuary. I have managed to get the roof of the arbour painted with a brush taped to a stick (well a lantern hook). Whilst my neighbours watched on in amusement… it looked funny but it did the job. I had to use a couple of different sized brushes to get into the hard to reach bits!

DIY extended paintbrush

The aurbour had a couple of purposes, one was to block out a gap in the neighbours fence with a view straight to their kitchen door so there’s no more views of the neighbours in their nighties letting the dog out, and the other was to catch the late afternoon sun and this corner was the best spot!

It took some digging and rearranging of the garden, as I mentioned in my previous post to fit the arbour in the right spot.. but I hadn’t thought through painting the roof… I’m only 5’2″!

I’ve added a couple of tall plant pots either side, one with an acer and one with bamboo that I got for bargain prices in the sales. I’m hoping the plants grow a bit to hide the fences some more.

Best thing is walking home from work on a sunny day (rare I know but today is one) and taking off my shoes and heading out across the grass for a peaceful moment to myself in the sun.

Corner arbour sanctuary

Painted corner arbour



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